Will Social Media Marketing Replace Email Marketing?

If you are among those thinking of employing an email marketing program but are not sure whether it is better you spend your resources in expanding social network programs. Or if you are considering reducing the number of email you send in order to place your focus on social network, this article will closely dissect whether social network is replacing email or not. However, before we go into that let us first define what email and social network marketing means.

Email marketing

Email marketing (newsletters, solo ads, etc. involves the direct marketing of a commercial message to a specific group of people through the use of email. From a broad outlook we can say, every mail sent to a potential or current client can be termed as email marketing. It involves the use of email to send business ads, solicit sales or business all focused in building loyalty, trust as well as brand awareness.

Social media marketing

This specializes in the use of social media sites to gain web traffic or attention. Social media marketing mostly focuses on efforts to come up with attention catching content as well as encourage readers to share the content on their social networks. A corporate message is spread from one user to another and apparently resonates as users view it as trusted third-party information as opposed to the brand name or the company itself.

Will social media marketing replace email marketing?

Before the rise of social media, communicating with your users and customers was much easier. Most of them frequently read email. However, currently people spend less time in their email inbox and more on social networks hence the conception that social media might replace email marketing. So will social media marketing replace email marketing?

One of the most important reasons why social media marketing should not replace your email marketing program in skill is because of increase in viability when it comes to direct response marketing. Users in both environments behave differently in that: in an email environment assuming that the email you sent gets opened, the user is solely engaged in going through that information without outside distractions. However, in a social network environment it more difficult to generate direct response action. Though there are companies who have reported success in social media marketing, others have experienced challenges in converting the users into revenue. This is because users in social networks are there to explore information and interact with other users.

A few years ago when MySpace evolved, everyone thought it would last forever but that was not so. The fact that we believe that Facebook, twitter or other social networking sites will not be abandoned does not mean when a better option comes along people will not grab it and when that happens you will have to build your social network from scratch. The fact that people can change email address, everyone knows that’s not frequent and when they do they still maintain the old addresses.

Social Signals For Newbies

Social signals are telling signs that give information about social discourse either directly or indirectly. They can be expressed through a myriad of behavioral marks that do not involve the spoken sound. Social signals for that matter are thought of as the tangible, computer recognizable testimony of the social behavior highlighted there above. In our view though, it is the topic social signal processing is addressing. Social signal processing is trying to bridge the still wide social wisdom gap between computers and human folk.

Social signals come out as important but such significance to brands can only be beneficial if websites social signals are improved. Improving a website’s social signals takes two forms; onsite and offsite. Onsite improvements can be done by including share buttons i.e. like, bookmark, and tweet etc. and creating connect buttons i.e. follow us on twitter or like our Facebook page while offsite improvements can be done by creating a Facebook page, having a vibrant twitter account and having the good old guest blog posting slot among many others.

Importance of Social Signals

- Increased incoming links sourced from social signals can really improve brand recognition. It does not end there; in fact even the online product of an entity stands to gain from the traffic generated by the social signals. Think of it this way: If you can be traced, then you most definitely can be linked.

- The world is getting ever more social, a lot that is happening today occurs over the social media and even parenting now is more Google+, Facebook, Flickr, etc. It is becoming clear that with this generation aging, a good proportion of its population will spend more time and transact more business in the social media channels. This will likely cause an escalation in the use of social signals.

- Social signals help develop trust in brands. You are more likely to trust a brand or website suggested by a friend than say, a search engine. This is where websites boast of a strong social presence stand to make a kill; most of the referrals from these sites and the strong social connections are viewed to be the key business driver in the future.

- There is a shift by marketing experts advising their clients to give more attention to their search strategies; of course this comes after witnessing first-hand the ballooning of entities using social media as a ranking device. The shift is getting even more impetus with analysis of the importance of social signals showing an increased correlation between organic rankings and social signals.

If you are looking for an easy yet effective way to get more social signals, naturally, try LoveClaw by Chris Munch.

The Power of Article Marketing

Having relevant online content is important to anyone that is using the web as a way to establish their brand. Article marketing is especially important because it gives authors and others a chance to show off their expertise. The beauty of this is that if a person is knowledgeable about a particular topic or industry, they can make a name for themselves and gain exposure that may lead to other opportunities.

For instance, if a person likes to grill food, they can use article marketing to write tutorials on the best grilling methods and tips for those that are new to this style of cooking. They may also include their favorite recipes or money-saving methods that they have used themselves. When combined with other internet tools like streaming video or social media, this can bring in a lot of exposure.

The key to creating an online presence with article marketing is to make sure that the content is not just well-written but are easy to read. Most expert say that if authors target their articles to those with an 8th grade reading level, they should be able to get a nice-sized audience. Though some topics should be written with the intended demographic in mind, writing an article that is conversational in tone is sure to get more views than those written for an audience with advanced education.

Along with using everyday language, formatting is also important in article marketing. Though some article marketing distribution sites have a desired template, such as three sentences per paragraph or a maximum number of words per sentence, the general rule is to create short paragraphs as opposed to a long block of text. This makes content easier to read by most viewers.

If a person is not an expert but is using article marketing to gain credibility, they should provide links from government, educational and other respected sources as a way to support to their content. Though some subjects, like cooking methods, may not require this, others like childcare techniques may benefit from well-researched citations. This will also help to separate those who are serious about using article marketing to promote their brand as opposed to those that just want to see their work published online.

There are many article marketing directories to be found online. Many of these require that prospects complete an application that will determine how serious they are about doing business. Places like EzineArticles.com not only have a high page ranking but also provides its authors with ongoing support so that they will continue to benefit from article marketing techniques.

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